Breaking The Mold: Your Image Does Not Define You

working_out_body_imageHey you.

Do whatever you want. Really. Be anything you want to be… Anything. You. Want.

Don’t conform to the image that others perceive you as having, unless you have worked hard to project that certain image, but even then the chances are high that what they perceive and what you perceive are two completely different things. That’s just how it is, no two people can truly think alike, it’s not human nature, so again, just do whatever you want.

For instance, doesn’t it seem so silly that people assume if you have blonde hair, that you must somehow not value knowledge and learning? Or if you grew up overweight, and had bad grades in gym class, that you are destined to forever hate all types of physical activity. Maybe you had a bad gym teacher, maybe you were being bullied at that time in that class, or that your life experiences hadn’t shown you the importance of being healthy yet. Whatever the reason, now you can be whomever you choose to be.

Often others can’t handle this and they don’t know what to do with themselves when they realize you have broken out of the mold they had you in. That is not your problem. Your only task is to be happy, to pursue happiness and be happy with yourself. Simple right?

Lesson’s from my Hair Dresser

A few months ago, I was sitting in my hair dresser’s chair and he told me that he had been doing some construction on his home. My hair dresser is a very sweet man that works magic on thick, coarse hair like mine. He spends all day long talking cut and color, perms and highlights, while going home to his wife and raising his two sons, tending to his vegetable garden, using power tools to build a new addition to his home and watching soccer with a cold beer in hand.


Earth Day Fitness Reminder: Keep It Clean

EarthDayFitnessI’m big on mother nature. I believe in the 3 R’s (I’ll literally shed a tear if you don’t know that the 3R’s stand for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and I try my best to live environmentally friendly. I carry a reusable water bottle, refuse plastic shopping bags by always carrying my own reusable bags, I drive an Eco-friendly car, I shun plastic straws, I choose local produce, make sure to change my bulbs to energy efficient ones, I try not to shop for anything unless I absolutely need it and I also make sure to turn off all the lights before I leave a room.

Simple habits like that don’t take a lot of sacrifice, and after a while I didn’t even realize that I was doing anything out of the ordinary. The same has to be true for making healthier fitness choices. Just recently, I caught myself telling my mom that losing weight is not complicated, it can be a hard habit to form, but it is not complicated. So here are my 3 clean steps to losing weight and living a healthier life: