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As a friend, daughter, sister, wife, mother, student, life enthusiast, martial artist and personal trainer, Sunny Amirpour’s goal and passion is to bring the excitement and understanding of health & fitness to people with real lives.

With a strong belief that health and fitness can be fun, flexible and achievable, she sets out to teach and instill healthy skills that fit within the busiest of schedules. Sunny believes in teaching people to become independent in their own fitness programs and to eat and train in a healthy and intuitive way that facilitates better sports performance along with living an overall healthier and more balanced life.

Sunny’s main focus is helping clients feel better with a holistic approach that incorporates posture correction, strength training, cardio, flexibility, and nutrition counseling.


  • 15+ years of experience with one-on-one personal training, remote online training, teaching karate and group fitness classes
  • Specializing in high-intensity, total-body, and functional training styles to enhance fat loss and increase muscle density
  • Combines ballistic movements with functional exercises to improve body composition, strength, balance, power, and stability


  • CanFitPro PTS Personal Training Specialist, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach
  • Canadian Wado-Ryu Karate Federation 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Fitness Kickboxing Specialist Level 1 Certification
  • American Heart Association C.P.R. and A.E.D


  • Northwestern University, M.S. Health Communication
  • University of Toronto, H.B.A. Arts and Science
  • Canadian Fitness Professionals Continuing Education Courses: Personal Training Foundations, Eat Clean Foundations, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

4 replies on “About”

HI, Sunny! Very nice to meet you. I admire much about you and your site already. It’s great to be so focused on such a fine goal so early in your life. I didn’t find this whole world of health until after I retired. So, you are on the right track. Great observation that health and fitness can be fun. So often they are considered anything but ….
Keep up the good work!

p.s. Go, Cats! I taught at Northwestern in Medill for a few years.


Hi Tony! Thanks for your positivity and sweet word of encouragement, you’ve really brightened my day. I very much enjoy your blog, you cover a lot of interesting health and wellness topics and am so happy to have you visiting mine. I also love that you used to teach at NU, the “Royal Purple” runs deep!

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Hi Sunny! I love reading your posts! Keep them coming! 🙂 It has been too long since we’ve talked; let’s get together soon to catch up! It looks as if you completed your program at Northwestern! Congrats to you! Gayle


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