Fitness Basics: 5 Exercises You Can’t Live Without

Get fit, be strong with these 5 fitness moves

Don’t have a gym membership? No weights you can use? Hate situps? Want real exercises that work?

Well don’t be fooled by the fitness industry, with its fad exercises, equipment and complicated workouts when they all trace back to simple basic moves that can be done at home. Here are 5 essential exercises that take you back to basics and help to strengthen muscles, target your core (no situps needed) and even count towards your cardio quota if combined and done rapidly in a sequence.

Here is one Round:

Squats  x 20 repetitions
Plank  x 30 second hold
Lunges  x 30 repetitions (alternating legs)
Pushups  x 10 repetitions
Dips  x 15 repetitions
Complete 3 to 5 rounds, depending on your fitness level and time constraints. Don’t fret if you can’t get through all of the repetitions, just do what you can and work your way up.
  • Position your feet shoulder width apart
  • Keep your weight back on your heels and you should be able to lift up your toes as you squat
  • Slowly bend your knees, push your hips back and drop you bum towards the ground as if you were about to sit in a chair
  • Pay attention that your knees don’t go over your toes while down in squat position
  • Modify by lightly holding onto the back of a chair or railing for support as you perform the squat.  As you get stronger, use a door frame and slowly walk your hands down with you as you descend into the squat so you have a little support through the entire range of motion
  • Start on your stomach, with arms bent, hands at chest level and shoulder distance apart
  • Push up onto your hands and toes, stomach off the ground
  • Squeeze your abs and keep your body as straight as possible, don’t let your hips sick in the air or sag to the ground
  • Modify by coming up onto only your forearms and elbows instead of your hands
  • Start in plank position, for push ups keep your hands slightly wider than shoulder distance apart
  • Keep your core tight and lower your body down to the ground (the lower the better), then push your body up
  • Make sure to shift your weight forward so your shoulders are over your wrists and your hips are not sticking up toward the sky or sagging down toward the floor
  • To modify just keep your knees down on the floor
  • Stand with your back straight, hands on your hips and your shoulders relaxed
  • Take a long step forward and slowly bend both knees to a right angle
  • Keep toes pointed forward and look straight ahead, your back should remain straight and NOT fold forward at the waist
  • Most importantly your front knee should stay in line with your ankle
  • Use your legs to push yourself back up (straight up, don’t lean back) and into the standing position
  • Alternate legs and do the same on the other side
  • To modify take a smaller step and bend your knees less
  • Sit on the edge of a chair and place your palms facedown next to your thighs and your fingers gripping the edge of the chair
  • Place your feet on the floor in front of you, with our knees bent
  • Keeping your arms straight, scoot forward until your hips and but are in front of the seat
  • Bend your elbows and lower your hips until your upper arms are parallel to the floor
  • Push back up to the start, that’s one rep

There you have it. Simple, basic, no special equipment required.
Let’s work our way up from here, because I still love me some heavy weights, and I can’t wait to show you some fun stuff as you get better and stronger.

To being Positively Strong,


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